Essential Aquatic Supplies

Fish Tank - Aquatic Supplies

Ensure your aquatic friends are happy, whist also providing your home with an added touch of character, thanks to Gilberts Pet and Garden in Torquay, Devon. We stock a large amount of aquatic supplies so we are certain to have exactly what you need.

Stunning Aquarium

Whether you require a small rounded fishbowl or a large, tailor-made, and purpose-built aquarium to match your needs, we have it for you. Our family-run pet shop stocks a colossal range of bowls and tanks, including varieties up to four-feet long.


Keep your fish happy by obtaining one of our high-quality Clearseal™ aquariums. Our collection is so extensive that you are certain to find an aquarium that is perfect for you, your fish, and your home.

Contact us for more information about our large selection of aquatic supplies.